The Real Jon Snow Just Sat On The Iron Throne

Not the one in Westeros, alas.

Jon Snow is finally sitting on the Iron Throne.

No, not the 998th Lord Commander of the Night's Watch. Sadly. It's not even someone who lives in Westeros. Instead, the latest tenant of the world's most uncomfortable chair is British TV news anchor Jon Snow, the host of the UK's Channel 4 news since 1989. He tweeted out a photo of himself on the Iron Throne on Thursday: 

The 68-year-old newscaster established his "Game of Thrones" fan credentials in April 2014, when he interviewed Kit Harington about the movie "Pompeii." His intro to that segment included a little dig at their shared moniker. 

"Kit Harington -- or 'The Other Jon Snow,' as I see it -- became considerably better-known than me in the fantasy epic 'Game of Thrones,'" he admitted. 

But sitting on the Iron Throne gives the #IRL Jon Snow a leg up on the Westerosi one. Despite considerable fan speculation about his possibly royal ancestry, Kit Harington's character has never been within 1,000 miles of King's Landing. And watchers of the show's fifth season know he'd have some major hurdles to overcome before he'd be able to do so going forward. 

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