Jon Stewart Recaps 2012 State Of The Union Address Highs And Lows (VIDEO)

After months of mocking the GOP presidential candidates almost exclusively, on Wednesday night's "Daily Show" Jon Stewart finally got around to ripping President Obama and the rest of the 2012 State of the Union address.

Right off the bat, Stewart took issue with Obama starting the speech by reminding everyone that he killed Osama bin Laden.

"Does Rick Springfield open with 'Jesse's Girl?'" Stewart joked, also suggesting that Barry open with another Al Green cover next time.

The rest of the address went mostly as planned, with Republicans applauding every time Obama mentioned lower taxes (he promised so many that Stewart dubbed him, "Tax Credit Oprah") and Democrats applauding clean energy, better social programs and the like. All was going well until Obama's now-infamous "spilled milk" joke that was a real groaner at best.

"As somebody who does comedy for a living -- been there," Stewart reassured, pointing out Michelle Obama's deadpan reaction to the joke as a good measure of how bad it was.

But Michelle's wasn't the only funny campera pan of the night. Stewart noticed that when Obama mentioned Israel, they immediately cut to Sen. Chuck Schumer. Naturally, Stewart used this opportunity to do his beloved impression once again.

Watch the full segment above and hear the one unfortunate thing Stewart realized was the only talking point that got both sides of the aisle out of their seats that night.