Jon Stewart Predicts 2016 Election Will Be A Lame Remix Of Bush vs. Clinton

It's "Democalypse 2014: 2016 Foreplay Edition" as the media is already filled with speculation about a presidential election that's still more than two years away.

But Jon Stewart says it's already shaping up to be a "lame remix" of Bush vs. Clinton, with Jeb Bush taking on Hillary Clinton.

"Thank God we fought a bloody war against England so that political power would no longer be consolidated in but one family. Because to my mind, two just makes sense," Stewart said on "The Daily Show" on Wednesday night. "I mean, consolidated in three families, that's too much, then you got yourself a whole 'Game of Thrones' thing going on. You got the killing, you got the sex. We're going to keep the two families -- it just feels right."

It's not all about Clinton and Bush. Some other familiar faces could be back as well -- including Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who's been showing off his newest weapon, glasses of ensmartenment.

See more of "Democalypse 2014: 2016 Foreplay Edition" in the clips, above and below.