Jon Stewart To Al Gore On Current TV Sale To Al Jazeera: 'I Thought It Was An Odd Move' (VIDEO)

Al Gore appeared on "The Daily Show" Wednesday night and was immediately asked about his former network's sale to Al Jazeera.

After Gore sat down, host Jon Stewart mentioned that he had been getting "a lot of gut" about selling Current TV to the Qatar-based network. News of the sale broke in early January. Al Jazeera is planning on dissolving Current TV as its currently known and launching Al Jazeera America based out of New York in its place.

"I'm proud of the transition," Gore said. "It is going to really be a positive addition to the U.S. media landscape."

Stewart continued to press Gore on the sale. "You are the poster boy of sounding the alarm of global warming," he said. "Here's where the confusion [is] for me ... Can mogul Al Gore, who has Current TV and sells it to Qatar, which is an oil-based economy—can mogul Al Gore coexist with activist Al Gore? If you couldn't find for your business a more sustainable choice to sell to,"

"I think it is a sustainable choice. What is not sustainable about it?" Gore interjected.

"I mean a non-fossil-fuel-based buyer," Stewart said.

"They have the highest quality, most extensive, best climate coverage of any network in the world," Gore argued. He went on to criticize the U.S. media's lack of coverage on the topic, and called out the 2012 presidential debate moderators for failing to ask the candidates one question about climate change. "That is pathetic," Gore said.

He continued, "So here you have an award-winning network ... that does terrific climate coverage. They want to come in here and give 24/7, commercial-free, outstanding news reporting and give thorough coverage to the climate issue - why not?"

"That I understand," Stewart said. "But you already have—Current was a news organization that could have done that."

"Without deep pockets ... we're competing in a conglomerate world as an independent," Gore said as he discussed the network's financial difficulties.

Stewart still said he thought the sell was "an odd move."

Gore has been making the media rounds to promote his new book, but has been continuously asked about the Current TV sale to Al Jazeera. When he appeared on the "Today" show, co-host Matt Lauer went a bit off topic and asked Gore if he had heard the criticisms that a climate change advocate would sell a TV network to an oil-funded entity. "I get the criticism," Gore said. "I just disagree with it."

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