Jon Stewart Asks Brian Williams: "Does MSNBC Have To Be The Lohans?"

Brian Williams appeared on Tuesday night's "The Daily Show" from Minnesota, where Jon Stewart asked him about the recent infighting taking place on MSNBC.

"Let me ask you this," Stewart said. "You're NBC, you're the top dog, you're the anchor, and then they send you over to MSNBC, and literally they're beating each other up. Matthews is yelling at Olberamnn, Scarborough is yelling at David Shuster, you have to apparently ask some of the women there if they would check a box if they like there no control? Is it Lord of the Flies?"

When Williams tried the, "I think every family has a dynamic all its own" defense, Stewart shot back: "But does MSNBC have to be the Lohans?"

Elsewhere in the interview, Williams said that Stewart "got in [his] grill" the last time he was on "The Daily Show," to which Stewart responded: "You are the whitest man in the world, you don't have a grill."