Jon Stewart Can't Help But Make Fun Of Atlanta's 2 Inches Of Snow Disaster

Jon Stewart is a Northeasterner through and through, so when the city of Atlanta basically shut down this week due to a light snowfall, he found the humor of the situation hard to resist.

"The Ice Age doomsday has come to Atlanta. Damn you, gay marriage!" he said

The "Daily Show" host drew comparisons to Sen. Lindsey Graham's gloomy reaction to the State of the Union, while a city in his part of the country was collapsing due to some precipitation.

"Is that what happens when the South is confronted by something not specifically mentioned by Revelations?" Stewart joked. He impersonated a Georgian: "We're ready for the horsemen of the apocalypse and the rivers of blood, but Jesus didn't say nothin' about snow tires!"

Altanta's Mayor Kasim Reed, who has been roundly criticized for his response to the snowstorm, happened to be accepting an award for Georgian of the Year at the time, which Stewart found particularly ironic.

"Who did he beat out for Georgian of the Year? Paula Deen and the guy who raped Ned Beatty in 'Deliverance'?" Stewart quipped.

Watch the full clip above.



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