Jon Stewart Author Interview: 'Dream Machine' Author Richard Whittle On The 'Notorious' V-22 Osprey (VIDEO)

Pentagon correspondent Richard Whittle spoke to Jon Stewart last night on "The Daily Show" about his new book, "The Dream Machine," which explains the history of the "notorious" V-22 Osprey, a plane-helicopter hybrid used by the Marines.

Whittle described the Osprey as a "real-life transformer" which offers a smoother ride and is especially useful for water landings. But the "dream machine" has had a lot of trouble over the years, too. Whittle explains that it took 25 years to develop the technology, 22 billion dollars, and that 30 people were killed in 3 separate crashes. It's had "a terrible record," he said. Now, however, the Osprey has been much improved, and is has been flown more than 70,000 hours by Marines in Afghanistan.