Jon Stewart Bashes CPAC, Palin, Bachmann: 'Doesn't The GOP Have Someone With Ideas Worth Messaging?' (VIDEO)

There was plenty for Jon Stewart to say about the GOP 2012 "autopsy" and the recent CPAC convention, but there are a few characters you can always rely on to steal the show... [cough, cough] Palin [cough, sneeze] Bachmann [cough].

The fact that Reince Preibus is doing everything he can to convince republicans that they're exactly right about everything, it's just their tone that's off, is certainly good fodder. But it's hard to beat Michelle Bachmann trying to outrun a reporter – "Must... keep... running. Facts catching up to me," – or Sarah Palin's nonsensical, folksy critiques.

Jon Stewart may have hit the nail on the head when he explained, "I think I finally figured out where Sarah Palin came from. Someone cast a spell on a YouTube comment and it came to life."

Watch Jon talk about CPAC, Palin & Bachmann above and let us know if you think the GOP is on its way to regrouping for 2016.



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