Jon Stewart Praises Bill O'Reilly For Refuting Birthers Trump, Bachmann & Palin (VIDEO)

WATCH: Jon Stewart Praises Bill O'Reilly For Refuting Birthers

Jon Stewart had a special moment on Wednesday night's "Daily Show," where he actually tipped his hat to his favorite Fox News target Bill O'Reilly for refuting "Birther" claims by Donald Trump, Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann.

Palin and Bachmann have long been speculating that there is something about President Obama's birth certificate that he is trying to hide, despite mounds of evidence to the contrary. For instance, Obama had birth announcements in local Hawaii newspapers and has a passport which you need a birth certificate to obtain. Bachmann did give him the benefit of the doubt, but only said she'd "take his word for it" about being born here.

"You don't accept gravity because you take Newton's word for it," Stewart joked.

But Donald Trump is the real Birther of the moment, who recently came out as such and actually sent paid researchers to Hawaii to investigate Obama's birth. Stewart had a field day mocking Trump's hard working "researchers" before asking if there was anyone who could throw us a rope in this crazy hole?

Surprisingly, O'Reilly was the one to throw that rope, in a segment where he refuted not just the "Birther B.S." as Stewart put it, "But all the Obama-based Internet B.S." about his college days, his mother, his wife and more.

Watch the full segment below to see Stewart's flabbergasted look when O'Reilly suggests obama be "treated honestly," and hear his praise for the Fox News host's sanity.


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