Jon Stewart Compares Head Of IMF's Sex Scandal To Bin Laden Porn Story (VIDEO)

Monday night's "Daily Show" returned ready with material on the juicy new details about how Osama bin Laden "killed time" in Abbottabad. And oh how excited Jon Stewart was to kick off the week making fun of bin Laden's porn preferences, that is until other news got in the way.

Yes, even though Stewart had enough pun-filled chyrons to fill 10 bin Laden porn segments, the stories that stole the media's attention away were far more ridiculous. First, Donald Trump will not be running for president (Stewart said he'd have more on that tomorrow), but more importantly, head of the IMF and potential French Presidential candidate Dominique Strauss-Kahn has been accused of a bizarre sex scandal involving an attack on a 32-year-old African hotel employee.

"You know you're in bad shape when your sex scandal comes out the same weekend as Osama bin laden's, and you're the one that looks like an a**hole," Stewart said.

The few details about Strauss-Kahn's debauchery were more than enough for Stewart to work with. The fact that someone with such power over developing nations, and who has been criticized for exploiting them, would sexually assault a young African immigrant in a fancy hotel actually seemed like a "live action metaphor" to Stewart:

"It's like he's posing for his own editorial cartoon!"


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