Obama Birth Certificate: Jon Stewart Mocks Trump, The Media's Reaction (VIDEO)

WATCH: Jon Stewart Mocks Media's Reaction To Obama Birth Certificate

Now that President Obama has released his long-form birth certificate, it looks like the "Birther" movement Jon Stewart has been mocking since its inception finally has to stop. But as we witnessed Wednesday, not before a thorough media frenzy covers the "bombshell" that was the White House realeasing the document.

On Wednesday night's "Daily Show," Stewart mocked all the mainstream media outlets for using words like "stunning, shocking and surreal" to describe Obama's putting the issue to rest:

"I don't want to nitpick but wouldn't the bombshell have been him not being from America? This one's more of a non-shell."

Stewart mostly focused on the media's overreaction, but got in a few jabs about Obama, like his saying, "I've got better stuff to do" during his adress on the birth certificate before hopping on a jet to do an interview with Oprah. But it was definitely Donald Trump who bore the brunt of Stewart's jokes, especially after his press conference where he took all the credit for the certificate being released. He even went so far as to say that he was "honored" and proud of himself and his "accomplishment."

"Wow, that is the hardest I've ever seen Trump be on himself," Stewart said, later adding, "I pray this man runs for President."

Watch the full segment below and see Stewart's reaction to The Donald artfully dodging questions about his "investigation" in Hawaii, as well as the media's unstoppable speculation on the authenticity of the birth certificate.


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