Jon Stewart Rips Fox News Christians For Comparing Obama Birth Control Mandate To Nazi Germany (VIDEO)

WATCH: Jon Stewart Rips Fox News Christians Over Birth Control

If there's one thing Jon Stewart can't stand, it's public figures making unfair comparisons to Hitler. Unfortunately, during his week off from "The Daily Show" last week, he was presented with yet another Nazi analogy courtesy of Fox News -- this time in reference to President Obama's birth control policy.

The President's healthcare plan requiring contraception to be included in insurance coverage has started a "firestorm" among Christians (or, as Stewart pointed out, "just the old dudes who run it") who do not want hospitals, colleges or other religious organizations to provide birth control. Obama's recent compromise that exempts religious figures from directly providing free birth control isn't sitting well either, with the likes of Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and, yes, Fox News pundits sounding off on how big an issue this is for the right.

Which brings us to Stewart's topic of the night: A panel Sean Hannity put together with men of all different races and religions to discuss contraceptive issue. Sounds good, except they forgot to invite any women. But that wasn't the biggest problem Stewart had with what he dubbed "The world's holiest sausage fest." Several panelists equated Obama's healthcare mandate to a war on religion, but Stewart especially took issue with one man who somehow managed to use Nazi Germany mandates as a comparison.

"First of all, when the Nazis came for people, they also left with them. It wasn't a metaphor," Stewart said. "Hitler did not 'start small.' His deliberate annihilation of a religion didn't kick off with insurance reform."

Stewart also brought up two pretty significant perks that American religious institutions enjoy as further proof of how far removed they are from other countries that face legitimate persecution. We're talking of course about their collecting up to $100 billion a year without paying any taxes, AND designated parking on New York City streets. We'll let you decide which one is more valuable. Watch the full clip above.

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