Jon Stewart Makes Fun Of Bitcoin, 'The Tamagotchi Of Currency'

Jon Stewart Calls Bitcoin 'The Tamagotchi Of Currency'

Well, it's official: Bitcoin has gone mainstream. "The Daily Show" opened Thursday's show by addressing the Internet-only money, or as Jon Stewart called it, "the Tamagotchi of currency."

Bitcoin's defenders, however, liken it closer to gold. "I suppose it's only a matter of time before only survivalists can afford bitcoin, and there's a 'City Slickers 3: The Legend of Curly's Bitcoin,' and rappers get bitcoin grills," Stewart joked.

But just as the value of gold rises and falls, Bitcoin is on shaky ground after a large quantity went "missing" on an exchange platform called Mt.Gox, who tried to cover its tracks by deleting tweets about the loss. "I believe Anthony Weiner tried that route as well," Stewart said.

Check out the full clip above.

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