Jon Stewart Blasts Fox News' Gun Control Hysteria: Network Loses It Over Bob Costas' Halftime Remarks (VIDEO)

Jon To Fox Pundit: 'Shut Up And Shut Up'

It would seem that the gun lobby's main talking point has become, "Let's not talk about it." Whenever there's a shooting that makes national news, you can count on hearing pundits opine about how inappropriate and politicized it is to mention gun control at a time like this. Such was the case recently with Bob Costas, who angered what seems like everyone at Fox News for having the temerity to express an opinion on guns in the wake of the tragic Belcher murder-suicide.

On Monday's "Daily Show" Jon Stewart tried to get to the bottom of when you can actually talk about gun control and who can do the talking. Apparently, the answers are "never" and "only Ted Nugent". Watch part one of Stewart's "Any Given Gun Day" segment above, and part two below.

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