Jon Stewart Blasts Frank Luntz & Fox News' 'Messaging' Problem (VIDEO)


Jon Stewart opened Tuesday's "Daily Show" with a pointed rant against what he believes is one of the more cynical parts about Fox News and the Republican party: Their openness, and borderline boastfulness, about how their "rebranding" of certain policies helps them get ahead. But even Frank Luntz, the consultant and strategist who has become the public face of these rebranding efforts, couldn't help them win the 2012 election -- although not for a lack of trying.

Fox blamed the GOP's loss with a "messaging" problem, but Stewart hardly could believe that they lacked the means to properly get the message out. "What Republicans need is some kind of 24 hour, 7 day a week perpetual messaging refinement and distribution resource, preferably one cloaked in the trappings of journalistic authority but without any of its ethical constraints," he joked.

Stewart pointed out that Luntz has a long history of distorting policy messaging to fit Fox's narrative, such as turning the "single-payer" healthcare option into the "government option," and admitting that "the American people don't care about what the size of government is" as he encourages Republicans to move away from "smaller government" and over to "more efficient government."

But "Republican Batman," as Stewart called him, could not save them in the 2012 election, nor could his messaging prowess. "The Church of Scientology called, they want their deliberately obfuscating words back," Stewart quipped.

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