Jon Stewart Breaks Down GOP's Bizarre 'The Town' Analogy (VIDEO)

With the deadline to raise the debt ceiling fast approaching, things are getting a little ridiculous in Congress. Jon Stewart closed out this week of "Daily Show" Thursday night with a look at one of the GOP's most bizarre choices as of late: showing freshman senators a clip from Ben Affleck's "The Town" as a motivation tool. Yes, "The Town." The one about the bank robbers.

When Republican House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy showed the scene at a Tuesday meeting, the idea was to urge freshmen and Tea Partiers to drop their opposition to House Speaker Boehner's debt ceiling plan. The scene chosen from the film shows Affleck unenthusiastically inviting another bank robber to commit a crime, who promptly agrees by asking, "Who's car are we going to take?."

At least one member of Congress, Rep. Allen West, said he liked it and was moved to side with the Republican plan, adding "I'll drive the car." Stewart was amazed:

"Quick Robin! To the Batshit mobile!"

Watch the clip below to hear how Stewart breaks down the scene to try and come up with any good reason why the GOP would want to make such an analogy. Why compare themselves to violent sociopathic criminals?

As a bonus, Stewart also presents what could be one of the funniest ideas for a cable news show we've ever heard, "Chuck Schumer's Meshugena Movie Breakdown Show."


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