Jon Stewart Wants Your Ideas For Rebuilding CNN

Jon Stewart has made a lot of suggestions for CNN, from new slogans to shows, over the years. On Tuesday night, he asked for viewers to submit their own to

The website is home to Stewart's campaign to raise money to help him buy CNN. The news network could be up for sale if Rupert Murdoch is successful in his quest to buy Time Warner, and Stewart said Tuesday that he is "confident we can do better than whoever's running that network, which I assume is just a roomful of angry chimps."

He admitted that he has been hard on the network over the years, and replayed clips of the times he mocked CNN's gadgetry. But, Stewart said, he has also come up with plenty of ideas for new shows like Wolf Blitzer's "Incredibly Awkward Social Situation Room" and "Don Lemon's Zesty News Bowl." He has also tossed around potential new CNN slogans, including "We Don't Know We're The F-ck We're Doing" and "Sophie's Choice Of News."

He's sure there are other similarly great ideas out there, and wants to hear yours. Watch the segment in the clip above.