Jon Stewart Wants You To Help Him Buy CNN

Help Jon Stewart Buy CNN

Forget that potato salad Kickstarter campaign. Jon Stewart has something much more fun you can do with any money you're willing to throw away.

Stewart wants to buy CNN, and on Tuesday night's "Daily Show," he asked for your help.

Rupert Murdoch is angling to purchase Time Warner. But since he already owns Fox News, he'd likely be forced to sell CNN, which experts say could fetch $10 billion -- or exactly the amount Stewart is hoping to raise.

"This $10 billion all-cash bid for CNN would secure control of a massive television network reaching over 100 million homes in the US alone, which we could then use to rebuild a news organization befitting this proud land," a statement on Stewart's "Let's Buy CNN" page reads. "Or more likely we'd use it to make a lot more poop jokes."

Like any good Kickstarter campaign, Stewart is offering up some enticing rewards.

Watch the clip above to find out what they are.

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