Jon Stewart Shocked China Getting Iraq's Oil: 'Don't You Have To Be In A War To Win It?' (VIDEO)

Wait, China Won The Iraq War?

Jon Stewart is starting to think the Iraq war might have been a mistake. After all, not only was the "mission" not quite "accomplished," we apparently lost the war to a country that wasn't even it.

As it turns out, China is reaping huge benefits from the Iraq war, most notably oil contracts. Stewart found the whole situation very disconcerting, given America's clear commitment to Iraq: "We launched a sustained 'shock and awe' bombing campaign on your country, reduced your already-stressed infrastructure to rubble and unleashed a bloody sectarian conflict that even now costs your country hundreds of lives per month and THIS is how you repay us?"

Watch part one of "The Daily Show's" look at how China is beating us yet again above and part two below.

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