Jon Stewart Mocks Chris Christie Apology: Tone Gov. Set Is 'F U Sharp'

The Daily Show

"Daily Show" host Jon Stewart mocked New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie’s "never-ending story" of a press conference on the Bridgegate scandal Thursday, and his attempt to distance himself from his office's "tone."

“This is not the tone that I’ve set over the last four years in this building. It’s not the environment I’ve worked so hard to achieve,” Christie said Thursday.

“Intimidation, vengeance, vitriol -- that’s not the tone,” Stewart observed on his Comedy Central show Thursday night. “Chris Christie’s dulcet, melodic tone. Who could forget what that sounds like?”

“Let me see if I can get his tone just right?” Stewart said as he whipped out a harmonica, attempting to strike the “right tone” as he played clips of Christie shouting abuses.

In one clip, Christie asks a reporter, “Are you stupid?” while subsequent footage shows him yelling “Bulls**t!” in front of a cheering crowd.

After a series of videos capturing an aggressive Christie, Stewart concludes, “I think I’ve finally figured out the tone he set: F-U Sharp.”

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