Jon Stewart Mocks Chris Christie's Amazing 'Luck' In Foreign Travel

Jon Stewart is handicapping the 2016 wannabes, and he doesn't seem to be happy with any of them. Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush and Chris Christie were all targets on Thursday night's "Daily Show."

But he saved his sharpest barbs for Chris Christie, who signed an executive order allowing him to travel at the expense of foreign governments -- and has done so, at times lavishly.

"What am amazing coincidence! He signs this amazingly specific executive order allowing one man -- the governor of New Jersey -- who he himself, through not fault of his own happens to be," Stewart said. "It allows that one person to get luxury trips through foreign governments that he again surprisingly in the days after becomes the recipient of."

Stewart then suggested Christie try to extend his "luck."

“This man is so lucky, he should play the lottery -- after signing an executive order saying the governor of New Jersey automatically wins the lottery,” Stewart said.

Check out the clip above for more.



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