Jon Stewart Calls Out CNN For Ignoring Climate Change Report

Jon Stewart had some advice for CNN Thursday on how the network can use its advanced and obsessive reporting on the missing Malaysian Airlines flight to talk about anything other than the missing Malaysian Airlines flight.

Stewart noted that while CNN is focusing almost entirely on the search for Flight 370, there is other important and "meaningful" news happening in the world that they could be covering -- like, perhaps, "the UN report that stated that we're all gonna die."

The "Daily Show" host cited a recent Media Matters study saying that CNN devoted less than two minutes of coverage to the UN's latest climate change report the day it was released.

"CNN, don't you think this is kind of actual meaningful news and could fit very well into your unnecessary over-dramatic hologram rooms, virtual reality rides and random street yelling?" Stewart asked. "You can't use your hologram green screen room to talk about global warming?"

Stewart has been ripping CNN for more than a month for its nonstop coverage of the missing Malaysian Airlines flight, once declaring that the only place the network hasn't looked for the plane is "up their own assholes."

"I guess CNN's only interested in the fate of what's floating in the world's ocean," Stewart said Thursday.

But at least other cable news networks are doing a better job of shining a light on climate change, right?

"Fox and MSNBC devoted around 22 minutes of coverage to [the report]," Stewart said. "Fox mostly to debunk it, and MSNBC to see how it affected Hillary's chance of becoming president."

Watch the clip from "The Daily Show" above.