Jon Stewart Compares CNN's Lack Of Baltimore Coverage To 'Masturbating In The Street'

As demonstrators took to the streets of Baltimore to protest police brutality on Saturday night, CNN largely stuck with its coverage of the White House Correspondents' Dinner. As Jon Stewart pointed out on Monday night's "Daily Show," it got pretty awkward.

During a discussion of the celebrity red carpet arrivals, one CNN host noted that many people on social media were asking for coverage of the unrest.

"This is what people want to hear about, this is what people are talking about," one host said.

"Yeah, it's important," another host agreed, but then quickly added: "I do want to get to the red carpet."

That led Stewart to make a memorable analogy.

“It’s one thing to say, ‘Oh, that’s terrible. We should be doing that,’ and then go do it,” Stewart said. “But to say it’s terrible, we should do it, and not do it, it’s sort of like standing in the middle of the street going, ‘Oh, people are saying I shouldn’t be masturbating in the street, but ... you know ... my balls aren’t going to release themselves.”

Stewart even played a clip of one of the network's commentators suggesting people could find the latest information on Baltimore elsewhere.

After mimicking a head explosion, Stewart responded: "To be clear, a guy on CNN just said 'Hey, if people are looking for news, I'm sure they can find it somewhere.' It would be like Google going 'What's your question? I don't know, just look it up yourself, I'm busy.'"

See his full takedown of CNN in the clip above.



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