Jon Stewart Rips CNN's Ridiculous Diamond Jubilee Coverage (VIDEO)

In honor of Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee Sunday, over a thousand boats took to London's Thames River in the rain. The celebration primarily featured boats honking and passengers waving in celebration of the monarch's sixtieth year on the throne, and due to inclement weather, portions of the festivities had to be cancelled.

Luckily, CNN spent two full hours covering the entire event, so American viewers didn't miss a second of the action unfolding.

On Monday night's "Daily Show," Jon Stewart took a minute to address how over-the-top it was for an American news outlet to dedicate two full hours of live coverage to what was effectively a rained-out parade.

"Is this somehow the British equivalent of a monster truck show?" Stewart joked. "Come down to the Thames and see a rotating boat on Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!"

There seemed to be promise at a certain point in the coverage when a reporter cut in with word of breaking news.

Stewart felt reassured:

Breaking news. That's right, they're CNN, and there was that tragic plane crash in Nigeria at the exact same time with those terrible casualties. This is where real life intrudes on the fairy tale, probably where CNN cuts away and we'll get bits and pieces of taped flotilla recaps as CNN goes wall-to-wall on that terrible tragedy.

So when the breaking story turned out to be a confirmation that the ceremony's air show had been cancelled, Stewart rolled his eyes. "Yes, it was one of the two very sad airplane stories of the day."

Watch the full clip above.