Jon Stewart Shows How CNN Is Ruining Everyone Else's Elections, Too

Jon Stewart has identified a new disease spreading through the media: CNN-itis.

"It’s when a news organization spends a great deal of time creating visuals and set pieces, which serve no discernible purpose and shed no perceptible light and actually distract you from what it was they were trying to find out," Stewart said on Monday night's "Daily Show."

CNN-itis isn't confined to CNN anymore. Stewart has diagnosed the British media as having contracted a "devastating case" of the disease with its coverage of the elections there last week.

But they still couldn't out-CNN. The network sent Richard Quest to London to report from the top of a bus. As he pointed out the city's sights, anchor Alisyn Camerota tried to ask a serious question about EU membership -- but Quest pointed to the London Eye as the "million-dollar shot" instead.

"Camerota asked you a real question, you pointed to a fucking ferris wheel," Stewart said. "That's what a six-year-old does!"

For Stewart's full takedown of CNN and the spread of CNN-itis to the British media -- plus Stewart's take on what a U.K. version of "The Daily Show" might look like -- check out the clip above.



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