Jon Stewart On CNN's Iowa Holograms: 'WHY?!' (VIDEO)

WATCH: Jon Stewart Rips CNN's Iowa Coverage

Jon Stewart took CNN to task on Wednesday for its hologram-heavy coverage of the Iowa caucuses.

CNN probably knew what it was getting into when it unveiled its faceless, computer-generated blob people on Tuesday to explain how a caucus actually worked. Anderson Cooper even mocked the creatures on air and predicted that they would be "ruthlessly mocked" by Stewart. Well, mission accomplished!

Stewart — who has criticized CNN in the past for what he sees as its gimmicky nature — started by saying that the rather arcane caucus process is "kind of beautiful" to him, and was something that would ideally be shown in full by the cable news networks.

"How do you think CNN'll f--k that up?" he said, before playing footage of the CGI creatures.

"WHY?" he cried after the video was done. "Whhyyyy? Why? There are rooms filled with real people... why the cybernetic multicolored featureless dildo people?"

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