Jon Stewart Uses Colbert Super PAC Money To Have Mario Batali Feed Him Like A Bird (VIDEO)

WATCH: Jon Stewart Spends Colbert Super PAC Money

"I came into a little bit of money on Thursday..."

That's how Jon Stewart, the new owner of Stephen Colbert's Super PAC while he explores a Presidential run, explained the jewel-encrusted crown he wore at the top of Monday night's "Daily Show." And while he was probably joking about the crown being expensive, he wasn't kidding when he pointed out how easy it is to spend the campaign funds on completely frivolous things as the segment went on.

Ever since Colbert launched his "campaign" and handed control of his PAC to Stewart last Thursday on "The Colbert Report," strict FEC regulations prevent him from coordinating with Stewart on how the funds, donated by people and corporations who believe in Colbert as a candidate, are spent. The curious thing about the money -- and the main absurdity of campaign finance that both Colbert and Stewart have exposed -- is that it's legal to spend it on things that have nothing to do with the campaign or even the candidate.

For instance, while Colbert and Stewart can't discuss the PAC, Colbert can speak publicly about what he wants, just like Newt Gingrich did when his PAC released an ad he didn't care for. After watching Colbert's interview with George Stephanopoulos this past Sunday, Stewart interpreted a rambling analogy about Christopher Columbus to mean one thing: he wants Stewart to hire celebrity chef Mario Batali to cook him an excellent meal -- and feed it to him. Like a mother bird.

"What a ridiculous and even criminal waste of the people's Super PAC money," Stewart said. "I'll do it."

Watch the entire thing unfold above. Who knows what Stewart will spend the money on next?

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