Jon Stewart: How Is Occupy Wall Street Not Like The Tea Party? (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart: How Is Occupy Wall Street Not Like The Tea Party?

Previously, Jon Stewart only touched on one incident at the downtown Manhattan protests known as Occupy Wall Street (OWS), but on Wednesday night's "Daily Show," he spent nine minutes comparing the 2011 protests with 2009's birth of the Tea Party, and the media's disparate reactions.

While the Tea Party protesters donned tri-corner hats to protest government-run healthcare and bailouts, the Occupy Wall Street protesters are primarily young liberals wanting to bring attention to "the 99%" who aren't controlling the nation's wealth. But what makes them so different, really? As Stewart explored with his usual slew of clips, the conservative media's remarks about the OWS protesters range from "disorganized hippies" to comparisons to Nazis (you can thank Ann Coulter for the latter).

But Stewart got the biggest kick out of Fox News' Sean Hannity, who said of the Tea Party in 09, "[They're] expressing their frustration, which I think is quintessentially american," and said of OWS this week, "They hate capitalism" and "really don't like freedom."

"So, rage against duly elected government is patriotic -- quintessentially American -- whereas rage against multi-national shareholder-accountable corporations is anti-American. OK, gotcha," Stewart said.

Another person whose hypocritical analysis of both movements got a rise out of Stewart was Tea Party co-founder Mark Meckler. After deriding OWS for breaking the law by organizing on the Brooklyn Bridge, Meckler said, "That's not Tea Party behavior," obviously forgetting that the acts committed by the actual Tea Party in Boston were felonious, if not worse.

Watch the full, nine-minute segment below and hear the rest of Stewart's analysis of both movements. While politicians and pundits say the OWS message is muddled, Stewart challenges that it's just as cohesive as they themselves sound on a daily basis.


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