Jon Stewart Rips Both Sides Of Congress Over Budget Battles (VIDEO)

With a government shutdown imminent on Friday as Congress' time to agree on a budget for the remainder of the fiscal year runs out, Jon Stewart attempted to make sense of it all on Tuesday night's "Daily Show."

The back and forth between congressional Republicans and Democrats during this budget battle is hard to keep up with. With Democrats like Chuck Schumer calling the Tea Partyers "extreme," and Republicans like Jeff Sessions speaking out against pejorative terms while Democrats are called socialists, it seems everyone in Congress is guilty of immaturity.

Stewart did a lengthy segment on the ridiculous things each side is saying in the budget battle, like Michele Bachmann saying Democrats are "pulling the rug of freedom" out from under the GOP. But the person who got it the worst was definitely Republican pundit Dick Morris, who has little to do with the budget cuts but recently spoke at a lackluster Tea Party rally, and whom Stewart had some choice words to describe:

"It's like if cholesterol and bile had a baby and let Harvey Fierstein do the voice-over."

Watch the full segment below and catch some of Anthony Weiner's hilariously sarcastic retort to Republicans involving a children's book about Congress.