Jon Stewart Compares Congress To Herpes

As the new Congress took office on Tuesday, Jon Stewart noted that our nation's lawmakers have a 14 percent approval rating, yet incumbents were reelected at a 95 percent rate.

"It's the same disapproval-to-occurrence ratio currently enjoyed by the herpes virus," Stewart said on "The Daily Show" on Tuesday night. "Herpes: It's like Congress on your dick."

Stewart took a look at the first day of the new session, starting with the fact that while most Americans returned to work on Monday morning, Congress didn't have to show up until noon on Tuesday.

"Are you fucking serious? Noon? You have to get there at noon?" Stewart said. "Normally that would make me mad. But since Congress probably isn't going to be doing anything anyway, why not get a late start? Hell, why not serve them legislation in bed?"

See his full takedown of Congress in the clip above.

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