Jon Stewart Slams Republicans' Recess Appointment Outrage (VIDEO)

President Obama flexed his muscles ever-so-slightly this week when he made a recess appointment of Richard Cordray as head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. However, several prominent Republicans are arguing that Congress isn't technically in recess thanks to the briefest of "proforma" sessions. Thus, they claim that Obama's appointment is not only unconstitutional, but an unprecedented power-grab.

Jon Stewart addressed the political saber-rattling at the heart of this mock-troversy on Thursday night's show, charging the Republicans with playing a game of "asshole's poker." Stewart then brought in "Senior Political Analyst" John Oliver to further explain the hypocritical nature of partisan politics, who also seized the opportunity to throw his advanced knowledge of the American political system in the host's face.

Check out part one above and Oliver's segment below.