Jon Stewart Critiques Wisconsin's 'Class Warfare' (VIDEO)

WATCH: Stewart Critiques Wisconsin's 'Class Warfare'

Jon Stewart's opening segment on Wisconsin Monday night did a really great job connecting various dots on how the giant budget deficits that now endanger state governments got formed (here's a hint), a stirring defense of the teaching profession upon whose backs Wisconsin will close the budget gap, and the veritable awfulness of the punditry -- who you should think of as a vastly overpaid class of private sector employee that are undoing the hard work of teachers by spewing their idiot blather all over America.

"How hard would you work if you couldn't get fired," says one pundit of teachers, apparently immune to the irony that he was, at that moment, participating in one of the least laborious and most unaccountable professions in America.

But by far the best part of the analysis concerned the under-reported reality behind all of the hue and cry over "class warfare" -- that the class war being fomented in Wisconsin is an internecine one, between the citizens on the lower rungs of society.

STEWART: Disgusting. The Democrats have pitted the top two percent against the lower 98, when the Republicans know that the real battle should be fought within the middle class, preferably amongst neighbors.

(Also, there were many, many jokes about Loehmann's Discount Department Stores, which probably set some sort of record.)


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