Jon Stewart Tells Dana Perino That Fox's 'The Five' & 'The Daily Show' Would Make A 'Shit Taco'

"The Daily Show" is not exactly known as friendly turf for Fox News hosts. But on Wednesday night, "The Five" co-host Dana Perino ventured into what many at her channel might regard as enemy territory.

When Jon Stewart explained that his team was "obsessed" with "The Five," Perino suggested their programs join forces.

"It's like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups -- peanut butter and chocolate,” Perino said. “Maybe we could all get together here and have a mashup.”

“I think of it more as a shit taco,” Stewart replied. “I’m not saying who’s who. I’m just saying I don't know that it's necessarily two great tastes that go great together."

As he mocked some of her co-hosts, Perino gamely played along. And when Stewart asked about the "dumb guy" on the "The Five," Perino quickly asked, "Could you be more specific?"

Stewart was referring to Eric Bolling, who Perino noted had a dog named Freedom "after the Freedom Towers, ok, so watch the jokes."

That elicited an eye roll from Stewart.

“My dog’s named Holocaust,” Stewart shot back. “I’m just saying, you want to have a dog tragedy-off, well, I think I’ve got that covered.”

See the full interview in the clip above.



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