Jon Stewart Rips Republicans Over Debt Ceiling Fight (VIDEO)

As you've probably heard, the government is headed for a crisis if the debt ceiling isn't raised by August 2. On Tuesday night's "Daily Show," Jon Stewart summed up our potential default and mocked House republicans for "playing politics with our credit rating."

Stewart discussed President Obama's deal that offers tax increases for the democrats and spending cuts for the Republicans as well as his now famous "eat our peas" comment, but he saved most of his snark for members of Congress, specifically Speaker of the House John Boehner.

According to Stewart, Boehner thinks he's in a different negotiation, one where raising the debt ceiling is his party's "big give" instead of increased taxes despite the fact that both parties have voted to increase it many times before. He offered an analogy:

"It's not, 'Let's all chip in a buy a keg for the party,' it's 'Buy me a keg or I'll burn your f***ing house down.'"

Watch the rest of the clip below to hear why Stewart believes Obama dealing with Boehner is akin to consulting with a doctor who only believes in magic.