Jon Stewart Debunks Ben Stein's Defense Of Dominique Strauss-Kahn (VIDEO)

On Thursday night's "Daily Show," Jon Stewart continued his coverage of one of many sex scandals in the news this week, Dominique Strauss-Kahn allegedly sexually assaulting a hotel maid.

The now former head of the International Monetary Fund just posted bail with $1 million cash ("Well, there goes Nigeria's mosquito net money," Stewart quipped) and supporters like French philosopher Bernard-Henri Levy and actor/economist Ben Stein have come forward to offer support and defend his innocence. Unfortunately for Strauss-Kahn, Stewart did a thorough job making a mockery of both Levy and Stein's "airtight" reasoning.

Stewart almost understood why Levy defended Strauss-Kahn ("three-name french men need to stick together," after all), even though his only "gotcha" was that NYC hotel maids typically come into rooms in pairs. But Stewart was far more relentless with the bizarre defense Ben Stein offered in a piece published Tuesday inThe American Spectator. First, Stein doubted that Strauss-Kahn could have raped someone because "He's a short, fat old man."

"Yes, he's not nearly in the kind of raping shape he used to be in," Stewart mocked.

Secondly, Stein also asked in the piece if you've "ever heard of any economists being convicted of violent sex crimes." This was far too good a set-up for Stewart's team, who didn't seem to have any problem digging up plenty of headlines about past economists' sexual deviances. One story was almost identical to Strauss-Kahn's case.

"According to my data, economists are the 'rapiest' profession going," Stewart concluded.

Watch the full segment below and hear the rest of Stewart's impeccable takedown of Stein's logic, especially after Stein goes after the victim and implies that hotel maids are "lunatics."