Jon Stewart Defends His Deep Dish Rant, But Admits Chicago Pizza Is 'Tasty' (VIDEO)

WATCH: Jon Stewart Defends His 'Deep Diss,' But Admits Chicago Pizza Is 'Tasty'

A lot has happened since November 13, 2013, the fateful evening in which Jon Stewart decided to insult the entire city of Chicago right where it hurts the most -- by railing against deep-dish pizza.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel jokingly attempted to defend his city's honor, but The Daily Show folks simply weren't having it. And last night, Stewart keep up the "Strife Of Pie" charade, explaining that even a dog wasn't interested in Chicago's pies. And that dog has happily eaten a lot of garbage in his lifetime.

The Daily Show

To truly explain why New York pizza is superior to Chicago pizza, Stewart enlisted Matthew Broderick, Steve Buscemi and Michael Strahan to defend the Big Apple's honor. New York pizza is magic, you see. It's apparently capable of making a man in a wheelchair finally be able to walk, to help Michael Strahan fly when he can't catch a cab and it can even make the Obamacare website work. Now, that really is magic.

The Daily Show

While Stewart may not want to actually anger Chicagoans, he isn't about to let this one go. He invited Marc Malnati of Lou Malnati's pizza on set, along with a deep-dish pie (Malnati recently made his opinions known about New York's "limp" pizza). After making some cracks about the weight of the pie, Stewart relents. "It's very tasty," he admits. There you have it folks, The Great Pizza Truce Of 2013.

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