Jon Stewart Defends NEA, School Children From Republicans, Fox News (VIDEO)

America is under attack, people. Not from Iran, not from suitcase bombers or North Korea, but from Barack Obama and those that like him. Jon Stewart explored these organizations and people last night and after a brief intro about ACORN, he quickly came to the conclusion that the National Endowment for the Arts and school children are at the heart of the problem.

The White House is accused of gathering rappers, dancers, and poets who received NEA funding and encouraging them to address the social issues the president is fighting to change in their art. While this might not have been the best idea in a witch-hunt world, I think we can all agree very few Americans look to dance for their political inspiration these days.

The more disturbing issue Stewart addressed, is that every talking head on Fox News seems to think school children singing about President Obama (among many others) is an event equatable to the indoctrination and mass murder perpetrated by Hitler and the Khmer Rouge.


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