Jon Stewart Rips Dianne Feinstein Over Spying Double Standard

Jon Stewart Rips Dianne Feinstein Over Spying Double Standard

The Daily Show

Jon Stewart ripped Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) on Wednesday, calling out the senator for defending NSA surveillance programs while criticizing the CIA's apparent spying on Congress' computers.

"See, she doesn't mind that if our security apparatus might be looking at your stuff, cause your stuff is sh*t," Stewart said, while tossing a dollar in a George Carlin tip jar. "But her sh*t, is stuff."

Feinstein lashed out at the CIA on Tuesday, accusing the agency of possibly violating federal law. She said in a Senate floor speech that she viewed the actions as a "potential effort to intimidate this staff" and was "not taking it lightly."

When Edward Snowden revealed in June 2013 that the NSA was secretly collecting millions of phone and electronic records from everyday Americans, Feinstein defended the surveillance as critical to U.S. counterterrorism.

"It's called protecting America," she said at the time.

Stewart also went after CIA Director John Brennan, who denied Tuesday that the CIA was involved in such behavior.

"Y'all overthrew Iran and Chile, orchestrated the assassination of the first democratically-elected prime minister of the Congo, wiretapped journalists and anti-war activists, carried out a mind-control experiment with LSD on prisoners," Stewart said. "And then on Tuesday -- I guess what I’m saying is you’re very busy doing a lot of things, so maybe you didn’t steal the files because you were busy. That’s what interns are for.”

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