Jon Stewart Takes Dick Cheney 'Back To The Torture'

Former Vice President Dick Cheney recently resurfaced to again deny that the Bush Administration engaged in torture, and defend controversial practices such as waterboarding, saying he'd do it all over again.

This prompted Jon Stewart to dub him "the Wilford Brimley of torture."

"Hi, this is Dick Cheney for waterboarding," Stewart said in a Brimley-esque voice on Monday night's "The Daily Show." "It's the right thing to do."

And that's just the beginning. Stewart also rips into former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's remarks in a new Errol Morris documentary, "The Unknown Known."

Stewart even has a few choice words for former President George W. Bush, who's been making headlines this week for an entirely different reason. See that part in the video below.

Just pretend you see the cat, OK?