Jon Stewart Gets His Long-Overdue Revenge On Donald Rumsfeld

Jon Stewart Gets His Revenge On Donald Rumsfeld

Donald Rumsfeld now claims fashioning a democracy in Iraq seemed "unrealistic" to him from the beginning, something Jon Stewart said should be filed under “comments that would have been useful earlier" on Thursday night's "Daily Show."

As Stewart pointed out, Rumsfeld's earlier comments were the complete opposite.

"There are doubters, and those who say it can't be done," Rumsfeld said in a 2004 clip. "There have always been doubters who have said it couldn't be done."

Stewart attempted to complete Rumsfeld's 11-year-old speech:

"And one of those doubters will be me retrospectively, 11 years after the invasion, I sought and worked tirelessly to make happen, so my point is I was right all along."

Stewart has said he regrets not being harder on Rumsfeld in a 2011 interview. And while he may not have another chance to grill the former defense secretary, he used Thursday's show to point out how Rumsfeld was not only wrong ... but has also been remarkably inconsistent.

It was a segment he called "Learning Curves Are For Pussies."

Check it out in the clip above.

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