'President Jon Stewart' Taunts Trump With Own Ranting Resignation From Actors Union

The comedian issued a mock presidential declaration in response to Trump's whiny letter to SAG-AFTRA.

Jon Stewart showed spoof solidarity with Donald Trump after the former president sent a ranting letter resigning from the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists.

Trump, who was facing expulsion from the union for inciting the deadly U.S. Capitol riot, boasted in the letter released Thursday about his claimed impact on the entertainment industry. He also whined the union had “done nothing for me.” He signed it: “President Donald Trump.”

Stewart responded with his own mock declaration.

“I too, renounce SAG-AFTRA!!!” the comedian tweeted.

“You have let me down as well, done nothing...I will no longer abide your gross abdication of...oh wait...I’m just shitty at acting...never mind,” he added.

He signed the post: “President Jon Stewart.”

It was just one of many mocking responses to Trump’s letter: