Jon Stewart To Donald Trump: 'What The F-ck Is Wrong With You?'

Donald Trump is in a battle with Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel over a new sign he put up in the city, and Jon Stewart thinks the whole thing is classic Donald Trump.

Trump is putting the finishing touches on his hotel: a 20-foot tall "TRUMP" sign that lights up at night. The real estate mogul subsequently defended the sign against criticism on the "Today" show, and also blasted Chicago Tribune architecture critic Blair Kamin for his assessment of the sign.

Stewart mocked Trump's response on Tuesday. "What the f-ck is wrong with you?" he asked. "Do you have to answer everybody? How much time is there in a day?... Is there no slight small enough for you to just f-cking let it go?”

He also had some advice for Kamin, who had to defend himself as a Pulitzer Prize winner and Harvard fellow after Trump suggested that he had been fired from the Tribune.

"Donald Trump isn't impressed by Harvard or Pulitzer!" he yelled. "The only name that impresses Donald Trump is his own name!"

Finally, he had some sobering words for the city of Chicago: "Did you not think that Donald Trump was going to put his name on the building you let him build? It's what he does! Have you been to New York? Or as you think it might be called from the buildings, New Trump City?"

Watch the segment in the clip above.