'Terrified' Jon Stewart Sums Up How Many Americans Feel Right Now

“I’m terrified. I’m anxious. I’m lonely. I’m wishing it was 2010 again."

Jon Stewart somewhat summed up the mood of many Americans on Friday when he declared to Stephen Colbert: “I’m terrified. I’m anxious, I’m lonely, I’m wishing it was 2010 again.”

“An election and a pandemic? How much canned soup and ammunition can one man have, Stephen?” Stewart, who this week announced a new current affairs series for Apple TV+, joked on Friday’s broadcast of “The Late Show.”

“I just want to know what is gonna happen,” said the former host of “The Daily Show” of the imminent election.

“I wanna know how much longer we have to keep going through this, where we are in this marathon,” he continued. “On Election Day, are we at the Heartbreak Hill ... all that effort and all that resilience is about to pay off, we’re going to cross the finish line and finally be able to exhale? Or is this the halfway point, the 13-mile mark? And when my nipples will stop bleeding? These are questions I need to know, Steve.”

Colbert picked up Stewart’s metaphor and asked Stewart to define the “finish line.”

“The finish line, for me, is this man [President Donald Trump] not being president anymore and 1,000 people not dying every day from a disease we don’t understand,” said Stewart.

Both Stewart and Colbert, however, acknowledged that the winner of the 2020 election may not be known next week — or even for several weeks after.

“We don’t even know if we’ll know on Tuesday,” said Stewart. “And for God’s sake, if an asteroid doesn’t hit us on Monday, because it’s been that kind of a fucking year.”

Check out the interview here:

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