Jon Stewart vs. Donald Trump: NMA Animates Feud Over Anti-Semitic Remarks (VIDEO)

Celebrities, take note: If you ever get in a fight with one of your own, Taiwanese animation company NMA will be there to lampoon it with one of their signature flashy, over-the-top cartoons.

"Daily Show" host Jon Stewart got under Donald Trump's skin last week when a random user tweeted at him that Jon Stewart would "destroy" Trump in a debate. Trump used this as an opportunity to respond by claiming that if Stewart were so smart, why did he change his name from Jonathan Leibowitz to Jon Stewart?

Stewart retaliated with a throwaway joke on "The Daily Show," remarking that Trump's real name is "Fuckface Von Clownstick." The name started trending on Twitter, which set off Trump's ire even more.

Check out NMA's cartoon for their own version of events, which includes much more literal depictions of Stewart and Trump's fight, including golden toilets, a boxing match and Trump surfing on a drone.



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