Jon Stewart Fires Back At Donald Trump For Saying Herman Cain Joke Racist (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart has been making jokes about Herman Cain throughout his "Indecision 2012" coverage, especially now that he's a frontrunner currently defending himself from sexual harassment allegations, albeit very confusingly.

On Monday night's "Daily Show,", Stewart mocked Cain for saying he had no sexual harassement allegations against him -- other than the ones currently in question. He joked that it was like saying, "Only the Lindbergh boy" in response to the question, "Have you ever kidnapped a baby?".

Innocent as that was, one person in particular called it a "very racist rant" in his latest vlog: Donald Trump.

Aside from the fact that Stewart wasn't doing an impression of Cain when he made the joke, Stewart argued that it wasn't even the most questionably offensive accent he used during that episode. He even produced a few examples in clip form. But that doesn't mean he took Trump's accusation lightly:

"This one hurts, because of how much I respect Donald Trump," Stewart said. "He is a sophisticated man. Did you know he eats pizza with a fork?"

After that callback to one of Stewart's best Trump segments ever came the retaliation shots. Stewart was ready with an all-too ironic soundbite of Trump touting his good relationship with "the blacks" and followed it up with an impersonation of him that we're sure he'll love.

Trump wasn't Stewart's only target, however. He used Trump's soundbite as a segue to discussing conservative pundit Ann Coulter's recent statement that "Our blacks are better than their blacks," meaning conservatives vs. liberals.

"Even I'm offended by that, and I'm a racist!" Stewart joked.

Watch the full segment above (or here) to see Stewart and "The Best F#@king Round Table" dive deeper into Coulter's ridiculous theory.