Jon Stewart Rips Cancellation Of Egyptian Jon Stewart's Show

Jon Stewart RIPS Into New Egyptian President

Jon Stewart responded Monday night to news that Bassem Youssef, "the Jon Stewart of the Arab World," had his show cancelled due to the changing political climate in Egypt.

Youssef hosts a satirical news show known as "Al Bernameg," inspired by "The Daily Show" and known for its mocking of Egypt's politicians and elites. On Monday, Youssef announced that the show had been cancelled as a result of added pressure on the broadcaster following the election of Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi as president. Youssef said that the country is no longer "suitable for a political satire program," and that the program was not worth the fear and worrying about his family.

Stewart defended his comic counterpart Monday night, ripping into el-Sissi for prioritizing the cancellation of Youssef's show over the country's ongoing violence that has led to hundreds of deaths.

"Sissi says, 'I will show my people what a powerful and courageous leader I am by making sure that guy doesn't make fun of our sectarian violence, 14 percent unemployment and hyper-inflated food prices," he said. "Why get rid of injury when you can get rid of insult?"

Putting all jokes aside, Stewart expressed his utmost respect for Youssef and congratulated him on "a job very well done."

"The point is, Bassem Youssef and his team did a tremendous show under harrowing conditions and while they are not on the air for now, their work will continue to inspire us all here on this show."

Watch the video for the clip from "The Daily Show."

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