Jon Stewart Pokes Fun At Egyptian Protestors For Throwing Tomatoes At Hillary Clinton (VIDEO)

WATCH: Stewart Mocks Egyptian Protestors

Back in June, Egypt held its first democratic election and named Mohamed Morsi their new president. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stopped by this week to congratulate Morsi on his win, but the people of Egypt were less than welcoming. Protestors reportedly pelted her motorcade with tomatoes and shoes as she left the consulate.

So on Tuesday night's "Daily Show," Jon Stewart took those protestors to task.

He joked:

What is going on, Egypt? You're mad at us when we prop up your dictator for thirty years, and now you're mad at us when we go visit the guy you voted for? I mean, woo. You supply one country's military with tear gas canisters that they use on their own populace and they never stop crying about it. Mainly because their tear ducts are damaged.

But it wasn't just the fact that the protestors weren't welcoming that confused Stewart, it was the objects they threw.

"I know that you there in Egypt are new to the whole public protest thing, but the literal throwing of tomatoes is a bit of a cliche," he joked. "People in the post-Vaudevillian era don't actually throw tomatoes."

Stewart went on to suggest they adopt a protest food that's more local and symbolic of their culture, like shawarma, but something tells us that trend won't start up any time soon.

Watch the full clip above.

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