Jon Stewart Loses It During Emotional Correspondents Reunion

Goodbye, Jon!

There weren't many details known about Jon Stewart's final episode heading into Thursday, but Politico did report some big names were taping goodbyes for the comedian. If that's not the biggest understatement of all time, who the heck knows what is?

Nearly every correspondent made an appearance, all to celebrate the man who gave them a job and a place to flourish. Wyatt Cenac even showed up to bury the hatchet over the public spat he and Stewart had during their past working relationship.


Steve Carell, Ed Helms, Samantha Bee and so many more all jumped in to wish their former boss farewell. But someone was missing. Who, who, who, who?

Darth Vader, upset by the constant comparisons to Dick Cheney?


Yes, but that isn't who we were waiting for.

At last, there was Stephen Colbert, who showed up and delivered a genuine, heartfelt thanks to Stewart. Colbert didn't praise the TV host just for employing him and the entire staff, past and present, but also for inspiring them, for setting the tone every day and for showing them how to be great at what they were doing.

Stewart sat very quiet, eyes welling up, clearly overcome with emotion. Colbert knew he didn't want the accolades, but it didn't matter.

He deserved it.

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