Jon Stewart Enlists Nouriel Roubini To Refute Fox News (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart took on unemployment benefits Tuesday night. With the Senate dropping the ball on an extension of the benefits, he rattled off clip after clip of its opponents claiming that they reward people for not working. Stewart joked:

"You hear that people who have lost their jobs and are skatin' by on your $1200 a month? The gravy train is over! Well, not so much gravy as the ketchup packet soup train is over."

Stewart then threw in the other side of the argument with a clip of Nancy Pelosi, who defended benefits saying they provide a stimulus to the economy and that economists agree on this point.

Who doesn't agree? One of Jon's favorite programs, of course. Stewart played a clip of "Fox and Friends" where the hosts wondered which economists say that benefits stimulate the economy. And since he's always prepared, Stewart bolted backstage to ask Nouriel Roubini.

Sure the renowned economist was tied up in a closet, but he calmly stated that he agreed with Pelosi's statements. The cameo was unexpected. And brilliant.