Jon Stewart: Even Ferguson's Police Dogs Are Racist!

Ok, so the Justice Department found that the Ferguson Police Department routinely violated the rights of black citizens.

And that African-Americans accounted for 85 percent of all traffic stops, despite making up 67 percent of the Missouri town's population. And that African-Americans were twice as likely to be searched during routine traffic stops, even though they were 26 percent less likely to carry contraband. And that nearly 90 percent of all officer force was used against African-Americans. And that 20 percent of all the city's revenue came from selective arrests of African-Americans. And that African-Americans made up more than 90 percent of those charged with something called, "Manner of walking along roadway."

We get it.

The real story behind the Ferguson Police Department lies with its more colorblind employees. That's right, the K9s.

Ferguson police dogs have only bitten 15 people, and all of those people were African-Americans. There's only one man who has the guts to call those dogs racist, and that man is Jon Stewart.

Watch his takedown of the entire Ferguson case in the clip above.

Police Dogs In Action